Borges and the internet III

I do not remember how I “arrived” at Martín Hadis site.


I opened it at random.

I use the internet like the retired man of the Book of Sand. I open the pages anxious to know what is next, I think if it will be more interesting than previous – sometimes it is more interesting – and guess what? I discover that the last page is much more interesting than my original source! I continue with this new path which is forking in many others texts, beautiful images and even music!


The pages, which seemed worn and badly set, […] The text was cramped,[…]

With the fear of losing and no more see that page, I take it open, but I can close it accidentally, so I add it to my Bookmarks.


“Look at it well. You will never see it again.”

Later I realize that the page’s name, the name which is used to identify and add it in automatic way to my bookmarks, this name means nothing! The name has no relation with the subject; it is not even a metaphor! At this point my Bookmarks are full of pages with odd names like “Mouse Party.swf (Objeto application/x-shockwave-flash)” – Gad! What the hell is it? I will see later, so I can decide calmly.


I began noting them down in an alphabetized notebook, which was very soon filled.

I know that is possible to find what we lost at internet sources by computer memories, but first I have to bring “my memory” to action! It is very difficult to remember which “labyrinths” I have to look over like “a garden of forking paths”. I ought to be “Funes, the Memorious”.
Back to professor Hadis: I have discovered at his site, Internetaleph, dedicate to Jorge Luis Borges, links to texts about Borges and the web by others authors. And a text by Hadis about the same subject where he says:


Como toda creación humana, la internet es, además, finita. A diferencia de la Biblioteca sin fin imaginada por Borges, el ciberespacio tiene una magnitud vasta pero limitada.
[Like all human creation, the internet has an end – is finite – different from the infinite Library imagined by Borges. The web is huge, but limited.]

Martín Hadis write about artificial intelligence too, at this essay. See links down.


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