Mad Maudlin | Catherine Bott

Quando descobri, na internet, a Radio 3 da BBC o primeiro programa que ouvi foi o Early Music Show. Fiquei encantada. Ouvi vezes a mesma apresentação. Essa é uma das vantagens da radio da BBC na internet, os programas ficam uma semana disponível.

O Early Music é apresentado por Catherine Bott e Lucie Skeaping aos sábados e domingos e é uma delícia, mas há muitos outros programas igualmente maravilhosos nas rádios da BBC.

Procurem no You Tube Catherine Bott cantando Mad Maudlin, uma balada do século XVII de autor desconhecido (letra abaixo) pois vale a pena.


To find my Tom of Bedlam
ten thousand years I’ll travel,
Mad Maudlin goes with dirty toes
to save her shoes from gravel.

Yet will I sing bonny boys,
bonny mad boys,
Bedlam boys are bonny;
they still go bare
and live by the air,
and want no drink nor money.

I now repent that ever
poor Tom was so distain’d,
my wits are lost since I him crossed,
which makes me thus go chain’d.

Yet will I sing……

My staff hath murder’d giants,
my bag a long knife carries,
to cut mince pies from children’s thights,
with which I feed the fairies.

Yet will I sing……

I went to Pluto’s kitchen,
to beg some food one morning,
and there I got souls piping hot,
with which the spits were turning.

Yet will I sing……

Then took I up a cauldron
where boiled ten thousand harlots,
‘twas full of flame, yet I drank the same
to the health of all such varlets.

Yet will I sing……

A spirit hot as lightning,
did in that journey guide me,
the sun did shake, and the moon pale quake,
as soon as e’er they spied me.

Yet will I sing……

No gipsy, slut or doxy
shall wind my mad Tom from me,
we’ll sleep all night, and with stars fight:
the fray will well become me.

Yet will I sing……

And when that I have beaten
the man in the moon to powder,
his dog I’ll take, and him I’ll make
as could not Daemon louder.

Yet will I sing……

Do álbum “Mad Songs” (1992, L’Oiseau-Lyre)


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